There is a misconception of the concept of weaves. Many women fall into
the snare of thought that when you put a weave in, u just forget about,
and give up on your own hair. I'm here to inform you that that is not true at all. True, a weave
serves the purpose of adding hair where there may not be any by either
adding length or fullness, but it is not an indefinite fix. I use weaves
to give my hair a break from styling and heat stress, and along with the
rest of you also to add length and/or body when I want extra, until mine
grows out.

I have chopped my hair off twice in my lifetime once in '07 (just
because), and again at the end of last year, I decided to go natural and
cut my relaxed hair off. Currently I'm sewn up until more of my length
returns. Meanwhile, I never forget about my hair, or use weave as a
permanent substite or replacement for my head grown hair; aint nothing
better than having your own hair... NOTHING.

If you want longer hair take care of your own hair:
·use a stimulating shampoo and conditioner combo that's right for your
hair needs.

I like: Pantene's Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner. Although
its not stimulating, it uses aqua current technology to direct moisture
deeper into the strand protecting it from damage, seals the cuticle, and
keeps ends in tact for less frequent trims; giving the hair a chance to
grow out.

VIA naturals preparatory shampoo
gives the scalp a fresh start, stimulates the scalp, exfoliates pore
clogging debris that prevent growth. I usually use this for the 1st
lather then I proceed with my fave moisturizing shampoo.

I'm currently using:
Deity America Plant Shampoo. It stimulates blood circulation to the
scalp, all natural, leaves my hair feeling silky, and I love the smell.

·Deep condition or treat your hair every 2 weeks (right before a weave
is put in and after it's taken out)

My faves are: Hair mayonaise by Organic Root stimulator or the one by
Africa's Best.

Profectiv's mega growth deep strengthening growth conditioner

VIA Growth Therapy Conditioner

I'm currently using:
Hair Mayonaise by Africa's Best. It's excellent for my hair before and
after a weave. It leaves my hair soft, moisturized, easy combout, and
strong. My scalp feels rejuvenated when I rinse

Nexxus Aloxxi as a bi-weekly treatment to undo any heat damage I may
have done to the hair left out. It works perfect while my hair is
weaved, it treats my hair with out the heavy build up... i.e no greasy
looking weave.

·Get regular trims (every 2 or 3 months)

·Try taking a supplement that encourages hair growth my faves are:

GNC's Horsetail

Andrew Lessman's Healthy Hair Skin & Nails which contains MSM (excellent
for rapid hair growth)

·Don't forget your hair underneath the braids and tracks.
BEFORE your weave is applied, make sure you moisturize your scalp with
none other than something to stimulate growth.
I Like: Organic Root Stimulator's carrot oil creme- with nettle,
horsetail, carrot oil and other known nourishers for the scalp that help
the hair grow up big and strong.

VIA naturals stimulating gro serum
I always apply this to my scalp daily especially when I get the
notorious weave itch, it works way better than slappin my own head. Its
light, not greasy, but it gets the job done.

Salerm Biokera for hair loss
is an amazing leave-in after a weave wash! Apply to scalp all over and
feel it go to work. (6 vials per pack)

If fuller hair is what you want,

· 1st you may need to cut hair evenly. This makes hair look much fuller
in appearance being that all the strands are stacked on the same level.
If this leaves you hair shorter than desired, then rock the weave a
little longer until it reaches the desired length.

· Once your length is "you approved", choose to use volumizing hair

I like: Pantene's Flat to Volume shampoo and conditioner. The root
lifter spray gel adds to the effect

Body Envy by Herbal essences
is a great line. I'm a fan of the Weightless Volumizing Gel, it
volumizes my hair, doesn't dry it out or make it crunchy. With the
fusion of pink coral flower & white nectarine they smell awesome!

Also try Doo Gro Mega thick shampoo and conditioner. It has organic
bodybuiders that give mass to the hair strand.

breakage... don't do it. Relaxers break down the chemistry of the hair,
leaving it in an already weak state. Pulling it into tight braids and
then sewing tracks onto it only adds un-needed stress on your tresses
and pops the hair off. All of which is the culprit in the excessively
thin appearance of the hair once the weave is taken out, leaving you
with no choice but to indefinitely rely on a weave.

Stop the cycle today!

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