Deanna D. Morris

When my great grandmother Luella Myricks, "mama" as we called her, would see a female family member with "good", healthy, long hair she was known to always say "you got that Myrick Hair." That was her phrase... that's where I got my up and coming business name from. Paying hommage to my late great grandmother, while staying true to what I believe in, and am passionate in helping other women and young girls to achieve, made perfect sense to me.

Ever since before i could remember my mother struggled to try to get my hair to grow, put barrettes on any single strand she could find that it could hold onto. She was determined to get my hair growing, and when it finally did, it stayed done. In fact, one of the many fond memories I have of my mother is laying across her lap while she braided my hair. 

Since I was a young girl I've been obsessed with hair and how it grows. After the passing of my mother when i was 5yrs old, my dad took the responsibility of styling and caring for my hair. He quickly learned how to style mine, and my younger sister's hair similar to the other little girls who's mothers styled theirs. He became savvy on which products to use through the aid of my grandmother (who would cornrow our hair), congregation sisters, and aunt & uncle (who owned a salon and beauty supply.)

As all girls do, I always wanted long, full hair. But when i got old enough to style my own hair, my concern was more with styling my hair so I'd fit in with the other girls at school who were either wearing stylish braids, or relaxed hair. I wasn't allowed to have a relaxer at the time so my best bet was braids. When I was 12, I taught myself how to cornrow off the basic knowledge of how to do a french braid, from there styles came like a breeze, and soon I was even braiding my friends' hair. As I became older with two little sisters at the time, their heads were pretty much my responsibility. So I became creative in braid styles for them to wear to school, that looked cute and presentable, and would last. 

As I went thru high school, sporting a relaxer, my focus was drawn more to hair growth and not only styling. This was sparked by the lengths of my two older cousins' hair, they both had moderately long hair at the time and I wanted it too. I became convinced more and more that I could achieve my hair length goal with my own hair. I decided to look into what makes hair grow, and purchased products accordingly. Then I decided to give my hair a 3-month rest with box braids tightening the ones around the front when necessary, all the while remaining faithful to my products. After the 3-month hiatus, I removed the braids, relaxed my hair, washed it in disbelief, conditioned it in more disbelief, and blow dried in astonishment, and was completely amazed once I finished flatironing it. I had witnessed my hair going from the bottom of my neck to past my bra clasp (same length as my Myrick Hair lady above). I could not believe my hair could've grown this long!! Since then I've known, it's totally possible for me to grow and maintain long hair. 

Now as a woman with four younger sisters, a grandmother, a step mother, not to mention my own now natural head of hair, and fresh out of cosmetology school, I am driven more now than ever to prove that "we" can have the length that we want. Long, full, shiny, healthy hair is attainable without a black woman needing to be of a mixed race. Too many of my sisters fall into that boxed in way of thinking, or that the only road to long, full shiny, healthy looking hair is sewing or gluing some tracks to your head indefinitely.

I'm not against weaves at all; I love them (when they're done right). But this should not be; because its not, the only option. Weave is an accessory never ever a necessity.
Myrick Hair is not just a name, or service you receive sitting in my chair, it’s a state of hair's well being... it’s a movement. So, Let's Go!!

Dedee of Myrick Hair